Google is making sure you know Fortnite is not on Google Play

Fortnite on Android

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Google's cut is 30% of all user purchases made on the Play Store, same as Apple's for the App Store. Is Google Play really that much safer?

When Epic Games launched Fortnite on Android earlier this week, it did so in an unprecedented manner. The company looked to target two birds with one stone as it upgraded the S-Pen and made sure that Fortnite for Android became an exclusive for the Note 9.

Sensor Tower also points out that by "circumventing" the Google Play Store, Epic will make it more hard for users of older Android devices to download Fortnite.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out right now and Google is certainly missing out on a lot of revenue as Epic Games' biggest hit will not be available on the Google Play Store.

Epic Games and Samsung also provided a list of devices that will be compatible with Fortnite Beta.

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While this move will make Epic Games more money than otherwise, it will also set up a unsafe precedent for Google.

Unlike on iOS where Apple completely controls where you get your apps i.e the App Store, on Android devices users can choose to get their apps from anywhere they want.

Despite Epic having clarified its release plans for the game several times, some fans may still expect Fortnite Android to be available on Google Play. Epic will also offer downloads of the game on its website in the coming days for most Android smartphones.

Even more concerning than the malware threat with just Fortnite for Android, however, is what this could mean for other app developers going forward.

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