As ‘Kiki challenge goes viral, people worldwide face arrests, fines and injuries

Kiki Challenge

Please don't jump out of your car and dance to Drake, NTSB pleads

A Drake fan has been hit by a auto while trying to do the viral 'In My Feelings' challenge.

Nivedita Gowda has deleted the video in which she could be seen dancing on the latest fad Kiki Challenge. "I tried, and the last thing I remember was opening the door, so apparently I got out and tripped and fell and hit my head", she told WQAD yesterday, July 31.

Also known as "In My Feelings challenge", the Kiki challenge involves jumping out of moving auto and dancing alongside it to Drake's hit in "My Feelings" while the vehicle continues moving.

However, instead of jumping on the hood of a moving vehicle that enters the video, Norwood was hit head-on.

Mumbai police today advised people against taking up the viral "Kiki dance challenge", saying it poses a serious threat to their safety.

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In recent days, police departments around the world have made warnings against the challenge.

Nevertheless, there was a Facebook post by Jaipur police which had a intense approach towards the challenge, still that approach was received well, looking at the rate of challenges going wrong and people being suffered without considering risk over fun.

Anna has been dancing since she was very young and thought this would be a fun idea. Luckily, she survived, but sustained a fractured skull, had bleeding in her brain and blood clots, the report said.

Worden was just released from the ICU at the University of Iowa hospital, where she was in critical condition since the incident that occurred on July 23. Koepe says for those who want to participate in this challenge safety must always be a priority so he encourages participants to complete this challenge in a place like a parking lot next to a parked vehicle where they are safely away from other drivers. "Its hard on all of us", Anna's dad said as his daughter attempted to walk a few steps unaided around her hospital room. She says they may seem fun and easy but they could also be unsafe.

The actress said that she performed the stunt without realising that there was a ban on accepting the challenge.

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