European Union may block "Nord stream-2": Russian politician gave the explanation

US President Donald Trump walks in with US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis as they arrive to attend the multilateral meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels Belgium

Trump, Merkel trade barbs over Russia at Nato summit

Since its start, the Nord Stream pipelines have enabled the stable delivery of natural gas for Europe.

The EU's energy chief, Maros Sefcovic, said that the EU-US Energy Council discussed Nord Stream 2, aid to Ukraine in the form of energy reforms and the upcoming trilateral gas talks with Russia, Sputnik reports.

"We consider this to be a manifestation of unfair competition", Peskov said, adding that U.S. LNG supplies could prove to be much more expensive than the Russian gas via pipelines.

The US president also called on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member states to immediately do something about the matter.

But he said the priority for now was to secure gas from the Caspian Sea region, while maintaining supplies of Russian gas through Ukrainian pipelines beyond 2019.

We agreed that this is of strategic importance for the energy security of Europe, but also for the continuation of reforms in Ukraine and for the economic development of the country that has experienced many trials in these last years, Sefcovic continued. His convening with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland next week is engendering extensive worry. The U.S. has long had concerns that Europe is too dependent on Russian gas, and the cash it pays for that fuel helps pay for Russia's military.

Speaking in Brussels, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said he had not heard any of his European Union counterparts talk positively about Nord Stream 2 and said Washington didn't like it because it didn't promote diversity of supply.

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"NATO is an alliance of 29 nations and sometimes there are differences and different views and also some disagreements, and the gas pipeline from Russian Federation to Germany is one issue where allies disagree".

"Regular maintenance is necessary to operate the Nord Stream twin pipeline safely, efficiently and reliably". Canada has been explicit in their global communications with many countries. More seriously, Nord Stream 2 will increase Russia's power to threaten other nations with its control over their gas.

"Many countries owe us".

".Supplies of pipeline gas do not lead to dependence of one country on another but to complete mutual dependence. I am very glad that we are united today in freedom as the Federal Republic of Germany and that we can therefore also make our own independent policies and make our own independent decisions", she said.

Ukraine is making about $2 billion (€1.7) on gas transit fees per year, making it a key source of income for the impoverished country.

He said that the deal meant that Germany was now "totally controlled" by Moscow.

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