The Rock not running against Donald Trump in 2020

Dwayne Johnson: I Won't Run For President In 2020

Dwayne Johnson: I Am ‘Absolutely’ Considering Running For President

SYFY WIRE recently caught up with Johnson on the red carpet for the world premiere of Skyscraper, his new action thriller in which he plays former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Will Sawyer, a man who's desperately trying to save his family from a devastating high rise fire and a terrorist attack.

Dwayne Johnson plays an amputee in his latest movie.

The "Skyscraper" star admitted it was "pretty disappointing" when the 38-year-old actor blasted him last October, blaming him for delaying the ninth "Fast & Furious" movie, but insisted their feud was "one-sided" and he's never addressed his co-star's remarks.

"I know you're not particularly a political person but people have talked to you about whether you would run for political office yourself because people love a victor, you seem like a victor and you exude great confidence".

Of the film, he added: "There's two sides to this". Now he's jumping in to help people with disabilities in real life.

Dwayne Johnson: I Won't Run For President In 2020
The Rock Sings for Stephen Colbert After Ripping Tequila and Explaining He's 'Not Delusional' About Being President

"I absolutely do, yes", Johnson responded. "I certainly encourage the entire (entertainment) industry to take steps forward to audition and cast actors with disabilities to play characters with and without disabilities". And he has to do it all with just one leg. Johnson replied, "I'll plead the fifth". For example Zhao Long Ji who is the man who built the tower and hired Will to protect it in the film has quite a bit going on and a whole bunch of enemies trying to ruin what he built which is the main premise for everything in this film.

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Where the film does do well though is in its action sequences.

I don't think "Skyscraper" will be looked on in 30 years as an action classic, but I do think people will go to the theater and have a good time, forget about their troubles for a couple of hours and then move on with their day. The special effects and the overall design of the sets were all great.

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