Pompeo Headed to North Korea for Nuclear Talks

US Marines help a wounded buddy on the Naktong River front in South Korea in 1950

US Marines help a wounded buddy on the Naktong River front in South Korea in 1950 Credit AP

The agreement signed between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 committed the two sides to improve their relations, work towards denuclearization, and recover the remains of US soldiers killed during the Korean War.

South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo said that Trump had even raised the subject of the epithet in their meeting in Singapore.

But the USA ability to verify the accuracy of any North Korean list is limited due to the lack of a "high confidence" accounting of the North's nuclear arsenal, such as the number of warheads and uranium enrichment facilities, especially if they are not operational, they said.

The top USA diplomat, who will be staying overnight in the North Korean capital for the first time, said he looked forward to a "very productive" encounter.

South Korea, Japan and the US military appear to have been caught off-guard by some of Trump's tweets and comments since the June 12 Singapore summit with Kim.

While many South Koreans have welcomed the reduced tensions with North Korea as Washington and Pyongyang talk about ending decades of hostilities, the village of Soseong-ri is anything but peaceful.

North Korea, who competed in February's Winter Olympics in the South, will send a team for the Korean Open south of Seoul from Jul 17 to 22, the International Table Tennis Federation said.

Trump is said to have written a message on the CD for Kim. DPRK are the initials for the North's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The document was the first to be signed by Communist-backed North Korea and Western-backed South Korea since they were split by the Soviet Union and the us after World War II and went to war in the early 1950s. During their summit, the USA and North Korean delegations watched a four-minute video, made in the style of a Hollywood trailer, setting out the North's stark choice: conflict with a powerful enemy or a peaceful and prosperous future as America's (denuclearised) partner.

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Trump should confront Putin with the "overwhelming" evidence, Graham said. "When they say they didn't meddle, they're lying". Trump said on Wednesday in the Oval Office that topics like Syria and Ukraine might be discussed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Pyongyang to discuss the next steps toward denuclearization following the summit in Singapore.

The State Department on Thursday brushed off suggestions that the Trump administration has eased off North Korea as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo heads to the isolated nation, The Associated Press reported.

Pompeo, charged by President Donald Trump with overseeing Kim's promise at last month's Singapore summit to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, was expected to arrive in the North Korean capital on Friday for two days of discussions.

"The more we meet, the deeper our friendship will be, I hope", he said. But North Korea declared its nuclear weapons program was "complete" on New Year's Day and did not require any more testing.

Trump and Kim's historic summit produced a handshake and a signed agreement between the two countries but offered little specifics for how the North would go along with the "complete denuclearization" goal the us has set.

"But for eight months there's been not one rocket or missile launch or there hasn't been a nuclear test", Trump offered on progress with North Korea.

The format for the meeting was unusually relaxed for such a high-stakes summit.

But just before Pompeo's arrival, the North's state-run media lobbed a warning shot at Washington over its criticism of the North's human rights record.

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