When is the Fortnite Playground LTM coming back?

Fortnite players meeting at ‘the rocket’ for tomorrow’s first real time mystery event

When is the Fortnite Playground LTM coming back?

The rocket launch in Fortnite was a highly anticipated event, due to its potential to change the map significantly. If most of your team just drops wherever and gets slaughtered at the start of the match, the chances of you winning are minimal. A countdown in the game also appeared that led gamers to believe the rocket would launch, but when the timer hit zero, nothing happened.

No one is sure if Elemental_Ray was planning to ruin the party with the 3000 IQ play all along, or if they are simply a kid that didn't know an event was about to happen.

He also confirmed that the game mode would be unavailable throughout the night and Fortnite fans should expect another update on the progress some time today.

Here's your preview of what that rocket landing might look like.

The Rumoured England Starting Team For Tonight Has A Lot Of Changes
But Southgate did concede he would probably make some changes for a clash that neither side needs to win. Pundits are split on whether England should try to win their final World Cup match against Belgium .

Later Thursday night, a tweet revealed that more testing on matchmaking would be needed before releasing the mode again.

We've heard your feedback regarding the Final Fight LTM and we agree that the mode isn't quite in a state where we want it to be.

One will be a 50v50 mode where one team controls the big Leviathan and has to escort him to Wailing Woods or Greasy Grove. Fortnite players have scorned the vast distance between the second and third circles, which made Final Fight more of a race than a battle for players unlucky enough to be on the other side of the map. Luckily for everyone, the in-game camera mode should make it possible for everyone to still watch what happens next, even after their elimination.

The Rocket cracked the Battle Royale sky.

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