AMC is challenging MoviePass with a subscription plan of its own


CREDIT Courtesy of Moviepass

AMC theaters has announced a new proprietary ticket subscription service to rival MoviePass, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

AMC is adding a monthly subscription service that allows customers to see more movies at lower cost - you know, like MoviePass. For $19.95 per month (plus tax), members can see up to three movies per week, including access to IMAX and 3D showings, multiple movies per day, and repeat visits to previously seen movies, all things that are now unavailable to MoviePass customers.

And in an earnings call Wednesday afternoon, AMC CEO Adam Aron, while promising that "our program will be profitable", noted that those who come in early on the service will be guaranteed that $20 monthly price for the next year. Stubs-A-List also allows for users to purchase tickets ahead of time online or through the AMC app. MoviePass users can only purchase tickets on the day of a showing and, in most cases, they have to be at the theater before the ticket can be purchased.

"Heard AMC Theaters jumped on board the movie subscription train". MoviePass pays for full-priced tickets and sells them at a discounted rate in order to capitalize on user data. CNNMoney reported in May that MoviePass' parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, burns through approximately $21.7 million each month to keep MoviePass in operation. AMC Stubs-A-List launches on Tuesday, June 26.

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MoviePass forcefully responded to AMC's announcement on Wednesday.

With the AMC Stubs A List Plan, users can receive up to three movie tickets per week for any available showtime at any US AMC location in virtually any format, including IMAX, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D, Prime, and BigD. "Thanks for making us look good AMC!" the tweet read. Never mind that MoviePass is bleeding money with a completely unsustainable business model (while also pouring dollars into the universally panned Gotti), for AMC Theaters has launched its own rival plan, which will please the hell out of moviegoers and stands a better chance of sticking around for awhile. "We want to make movies more accessible, they want more profit".

Subscribers will be able to view three movies in a day, whilst being able to watch the same film twice.

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