UN says world choking on plastic as environmental crisis grows

World Environment Day 2018 India is the global host this year and the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2018 India is the global host this year and the theme is Beat Plastic Pollution

Other businesses include multinationals Amcor, L'Oréal and Mars, who by signing the New Zealand declaration, reaffirmed a pledge made earlier this year as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy initiative.

"Pledges like this ignore the stark reality of what's happening in this country - we've got plastic waste being stockpiled by councils with no place to go, there are no industrial-scale composting facilities for bioplastic and there are no bans on plastic bags, cutlery and other easy-to-eliminate plastic pollution". In the last decade, the world has produced more plastic than we have in the last century.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jitendra Singh said that celebration of World Environment Day was an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the cause of protection of environment. Plastic in oceans is likely to outweigh fishes by 2050.

Biruta also said that the Ministry of Environment and partners are in the process of revising the plastics law to reduce single use plastics and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plastic recycling in the country. Alongside, Hyundai Dealer Workshops will conduct environment friendly activities to engage and create awareness among the customers & employees for the reduction in use of plastics, usage of LED's that consume up to 80% less energy and Proper disposal of waste material.

People are being urged to take a photo of the plastic-packaged products they are giving up for One Plastic Free Day and share it on social media, saying why they have been inspired to #PassOnPlastic. Every year the world uses up to 5 trillion disposable plastic bags.

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Sade Nubi, a Senior Environmental Engineer with the Department of Works and Physical Planning, said that the event involved a walk for the environment and a presentation on beating plastic pollution on campus.

Encouraging public activism, Country Director, Oxfam in Pakistan Mohammed Qazilbash said the campaign is an effort to shed light on the threats emerging from plastic pollution, "Using an excessive amount of single-use plastics in our daily lives is devastating the environment. India is preparing to join the "Clean Seas Campaign" and make its contribution towards saving our oceans", said Modi. In fact, micro-plastics have now even entered basic food like salt, bottled water and tap water...

According to statistics released by United Nations, one million plastic bottle drinks are bought every 60 seconds globally.

"Within this period however, plastic has transformed everything from clothing, cooking, and catering to product design, engineering and retailing", due to its advantage of lasting for a long time, almost all the plastic ever produced, still exist in one form or the other today.

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