Despite mounting questions, Trump might not fire Pruitt

Tom Williams  Congressional Quarterly  Newscom via ZUMA

Tom Williams Congressional Quarterly Newscom via ZUMA

Pruitt reportedly insists on luxury market Dean and DeLuca for his snacks and pour-over coffee rather than that brewed by any other method. But you have done - I tell you, the EPA is doing so well.

In addition to the House committee, the EPA's inspector general, the Government Accountability Office and the White House are investigating allegations concerning Pruitt's spending on first-class travel and security, his dealings with subordinates and with lobbyists, and other matters.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) called on Pruitt to resign immediately.

Their resignations leave Pruitt increasingly isolated at the EPA, where he has lost the confidence of most of the agency's career staff and many conservative political appointees who feel that Pruitt's ethical lapses have done a disservice to the President's agenda. She went to the EPA after Pruitt became its administrator in early 2017, working to rewrite the Obama-era Waters of the US rule, or WOTUS, which expanded federal jurisdiction over water.

The protective detail cost taxpayers almost $3.5 million during Pruitt's first year on the job, according to EPA data, and is roughly triple the size of those of his immediate predecessors.

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That official is referring to a new accusation that Pruitt had his office contact the CEO of fast-food giant Chick-Fil-A in an effort to secure a franchise for his wife, Marlyn. Federal employees are subject to specific rules created to prevent officials from using their office for personal gain or taking advantage of subordinates. He adds that the country needs more Chick-fil-As and laughs.

"Ms. Hupp cooperated with our investigation and should not become the latest scapegoat for Administrator Pruitt's litany of abuses, his disregard for our nation's ethics laws, and his refusal to accept responsibility for his own actions", Cummings said.

Chris Cillizza said that between this, Pruitt's Chick-Fil-A dealings, and everything else, its unbelievable that he still has his job at all.

Pruitt also came under fire for authorizing huge raises for two members of his team.

"I think he's hurting his boss, and when he hurts his boss, he's hurting the American people", Mr. Kennedy said.

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