New macOS Mojave Features That Will Change How You Use Your Mac

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Interestingly, Google has always updated its Nexus and Pixel series of smartphones to the latest Android version soon after the launch. Users are able to switch between light and dark mode. That is part of an overall internal effort to bring the experience of building apps for macOS and iOS closer together.

Mac apps like Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar and Photos have a Dark Mode design. In short, Apple revealed that it will soon allow iOS apps on macOS by bringing underlying iOS frameworks to the desktop operating system. The new Dark Mode includes a darker desktop background and darker colors in all of the menus and settings.

Users can customise their Stacks to sort based on other file attributes like date and tags.

Moving on to more useful functions than visual ones, "Stacks" will allow users to organize the desktop automatically, that is, all documents will be aligned in groups according to the type of file, such as PDF's, images, or presentations. The sidebar will display EXIF information of the selected image. Unlike Windows, it seems users of Apple software will see the dark theme more widespread than Windows apps are.

The Mac App Store has been completely redesigned.

This puts the focus on your content and isn't as blindingly bright when you are using your Mac at night. In 2018, it has introduced dedicated topic buttons including Work, Play, Create, Discover and Develop.

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Look forward to video previews of apps as well as curated editorial content and tips from Apple's app experts.

Screenshots are an important tool on Mac computers, and the way we're getting our photos for this story, and Mojave offers some upgrades in that area. This announcement by the telecom giant came amidst an increasing emphasis on protecting privacy post a data scandal that involved a leading social media platform and the implementation of new rules by the European Union (EU) for online services.

iOS apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home are now available on the Mac for the first time, the Mac App Store gets a full redesign, and FaceTime gains support for group calling.

The new macOS update also introduces easy and accurate screenshot captures, and new screen video recording capabilities.

There's also a new version of Apple's mobile operating system coming out this fall. The OS, which will power the MacBooks, and iMacs, will be reaching consumers in October or September, and is now available to developers as a beta update. The Developer Preview version of the new software version is already available to developers.

And then there's one more thing.

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