Apple Previews iOS 12 With Memoji, Group FaceTime, Siri Shortcuts and More

Apple iPhone WWDC 2018 iOS 12

OLIUR RAHMAN • UNSPLASHApple's WWDC 2018 Developers Conference gets underway tomorrow

You won't even notice the fingerprinting protection, but it it's there to make tracking you more hard.

Apple is ready to open up its near-field communication chips in its iPhones and smart watches to allow more than just Apple Pay transactions, according to a recent report.

It stated that iOS 12 will double down on performance, making devices faster and more responsive. In times of high load, these CPU tweaks should mean that apps last twice as fast.

What's new for the iPhone and iPad in iOS 12? USDZ is the name of a new file format developed in collaboration with none other than Pixar, which Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab and other companies are planning to support.

Apple has received criticism, from protesting Stanford students to large company stakeholders like the California Public Employees' Retirement System, the latter of which penned a letter criticizing the iPhone's addictiveness particularly for children. All Animoji and Memoji now feature winks and tongue detection to capture even more expressions. Also cool: Live Animoji and Memoji are now supported in FaceTime.

Users will now be able to get a few summary of the time they spend on the phone and how long they are on certain apps. We can't imagine many people will use this as their default way of unlocking their device, but it should be helpful if you get locked out of your phone while watching a video.

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Folse also shared a new feature called "zero sign-in" which will detect a user's broadband network and sign into all supported apps through the user's subscription.

Just don't go installing beta software on a device that you need to be able to use on a daily basis as it can be pretty buggy at times. It's easy for developers to take advantage of this new capability using Shortcut APIs.

Search will also add a "For You" upgrade, which shows photos from a user's important moments. To help reduce interruptions, iOS 12 gives users more options for controlling how notifications are delivered. Notifications can be grouped by app as well as topic and thread. People can set time limits on specific apps and get alerts reminding them to stop using that software as the limit approaches. Multiple reports have suggested Apple is testing a new redesigned iBooks app that will focus on curation.

"We've all seen these like buttons and share buttons".

This feature will also hit close to home for users of popular automation tool Workflow, which allows users to create and launch lists of tasks for their phones to accomplish. It then shuts the app off, until users change the setting, executive Craig Federighi said Monday on stage at Apple's annual developers conference. The Stocks app too has had a new coat of paint, with integration to Apple News and again an iPad version.

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